NFTs are unique tokens that exist on the blockchain and are used to tokenize real-world assets for more efficient and secure buying, selling, and trading. Our partnership with Tokenproof provides safety, security and proven ownership of our NFT collection.

In supporting our mission as an NFT holder, you are joining a community of changemakers, doing good whilst investing in great art.


Owning an NFT comes with unique benefits that extend beyond simply owning a digital asset. As an NFT holder, you can have a say in selecting the entrepreneurs who will receive funding, giving you a voice in shaping the future of the healthcare. You can also print and display your beautiful art piece in your home or office, creating a tangible piece of your digital collection. Additionally, you can be matched with entrepreneurs innovating in the healthcare industry and have the chance to mentor and guide them as they work to make a positive impact on the world.

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities coming soon, and be sure to check our website regularly for the latest information.

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NFT ARTIST spotlight

We are thrilled to collaborate with the talented Christella Bijou, a self-taught Rwandan digital artist who has captivated us with her bright and vibrant illustrations. Her work, which celebrates the beauty and strength of women and Rwanda, have left an indelible mark on us.

"I was excited when the WiNFUND team approached me to work on their first collection. We share similar values and views on women, culture, socio-economic and art and I was enthused by the idea of creating art that would be shared and sold as NFTs.

The WiNFUND Africa collection is centered around elevating and supporting women-led entrepreneurs, devoted to improving inequalities and providing access to healthcare.
As an African woman, it is an honor to be part of a project as such."

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We have embraced NFT technology, creating our very first NFT Africa collection in collaboration with Christella. In total, 8080 unique pieces have been created, primarily inspired by women, nature, and the harmony of colors. You can take a sneak peek at a few selected pieces of this collection below.

This collection explores the intersection between the Sustainable Development Goals, African culture, and beauty. Three of the health priorities explored in this collection are sexual health, water & sanitation, and self-care. The priorities, iconography, and various elements are expressed as "traits" ranging in colors and rarity.

We are thrilled to introduce our inaugural African NFT collection, and we hope you will join us in celebrating this milestone.